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Haha this is too funny! I actually was in the role of the nice man a couple times... growing up with parents as inmates I learned the dress codews for just about every penile institution in Nebraska. I always had a duffel bag in my trunk--mainly because im airheaded and typically needed to retrieve something out of it for visit. Our clothing policies are insane! shirts cant be lower than 2 inches from neck (decided at their discretion), pants had to be the ugly old lady ones that didnt show ass when you bent over haha shirts had to be tucked at all times and couldnt show back if you bent over--like im gonna be bent over in visit O.o smh (if not tucked in the inmate would ge write up with no warning).

Sam you said you got upstairs and they made you change... if we got upstairs and something wasnt right (even if guards downstairs said its ok) visit for the day was terminated and it counted toward your 2visit/week total.

and so much more :/ but in the end all the bs worth it most definitely...

thanks for the story!
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