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Originally Posted by shrte78 View Post
Call and find out. If he's on a yard they have april 6th/7th and 20th/21st. You also make appontments 3 wks in advance. Not sure what vpass allows you to do, I've never used it. The 101 is longer but a much nicer drive.
I checked VPASS and there are now no available appointments for the 6th/7th and they aren't taking any for the 20/21st. SMH that's just my freaking luck. I'll call tomorrow just to be sure he's actually on A Yard. Ugh...that's so freaking depressing and frustrating! Last time I was set to visit him at Wasco he got moved to CTF that weekend. Then he sat until he saw council, then I made the first available appointment I could...not knowing that the system didn't take into account which yard he is on I feel like a dang fool! I haven't seen him in almost 5 months now.
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