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Default Does He Have a Detainer or Not? Dilemma!

Here is the situation: my man is currently in ADC. He was sentenced to 9 months on 3 diff cases to run concurrently. On his sentence day, I asked his Pub defender about a different case that my man had got arrested for the previous month that was not on the docket that sentencing day. He (pub defender) told me that those charges would more than likely not be brought up until after his release.. I said the last thing either of us wanted was a page 2.. He again assured me that prob wouldn't happen but if it did by all means contact him. Well here we were 30 days until release and I get a visit from the constable who has a summons for Los . He was indicted on the aforementioned charges. I informed the constable that Los is in prison ( how is it she did NOT know He was currently locked up?) She then gave me a case number, and said his court date us set for 22Jun2020. He is scheduled for release from DOC on 26May2020. Ok.. So I look up the case on Arizona's public access and could not find that case listed (I looked for it on 26April20, the same day the constable came to my house) the following day I looked again, found the case info and saw that he had been grand jury indicted on 23Apr a felony 4, felony 6, and a DUI and that a warrant had been issued for him that very day, 27April. I am really confused... #1. Why did they come to our house to serve him a summons. When he is already locked up ? #2 Why did they issue a warrant 4 days after the grand jury indictment, and 1 day after the constable showed up at my house?
#3 Why is there a warrant when his FIRST scheduled court date is Jun 22?
I cannot seem to get any info about what the heck is going on. I called the public defender who represented him on his sentencing day and tried to get some answers. Of course he did a backstroke from wht he told me back in Dec and pretty much told me it is what it is and deal with it. I contacted his parole officer who had no knowledge of any of it. She checked it out and told me that he does not have any detainers. ??? And to date there is nothing on the doc website showing a hold on him. Ok.. I am totally confused as to what the hell is going on... What does any if this mean? I cannot figure it out. I informed the Constable trying to serve him a summons that he was in DOC, Then county ( Sheriff dept)(4 deep) shows up at my door yesterday (2May) looking for my man to arrest him for this warrant! The same Sheriff(s) who picked him up 6 months ago n took him to await sentencing. They wanted to look inside my house to check if he was hiding out. Really? Y'all already know full well he's not hiding out HES IN PRISON. They were not granted permission to come inside. What are these cops doing and why? What have I missed?
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