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From the crazy journey I've experienced with my man, NO ONE does research. EVER. They sign dates and issue papers without any knowledge about what is currently happening. At one point my man was in one county jail when he was given a court appearance in another county. I called to explain he could not make it because hes in county. I had to get a paper signed by the judge at his sentencing proving were my man was so he did not get anything put on him for missing the court date (he was also out on bail at the time). It was a headache and a half. ALSO I met with his public defender before his hearing and was absolutely shocked that she did not know half the info I did. (reason why he didnt show up to that county as well because he was in prison at the time and even got those warrants quashed but somehow they came back up so i brought all his paper work proving it) Shes like "ohhhh ok thats good to know" and took notes down???? So because of me telling her everything they let him go like the next day. That public defender didnt do a damn thing.
Annnnd when asking about detainers they could possibly only be looking in one county. I dont know why they would do that but I ran into the same issue to were the bonds people said there was nothing on him but then I found one in a different county.
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