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Originally Posted by nimuay View Post
Off-hand, I can think of so many subjects that will be deeply affected by a 6-3 court
It won't be a 6-3 court... not yet, anyway, unless (perish the thought) Ginsberg passes away or something within the next 2 years.

Kennedy was still a Republican (Reagan) pick, so his replacement doesn't change the overall 5-4 balance between more conservative versus more liberal oriented justices. He was a more moderate voice on the court though, so there is some concern that his replacement might be more extreme when it comes to certain social issues like access to abortion services or LGBT rights.

I imagine it will be a pretty contentious fight to find his replacement. Only 3 Democrats defected and joined the unanimous Republican bloc in confirming Gorsuch the last time. I imagine with the stakes even higher this time, there will be a lot more pressure on those Dems not to buckle. And John McCain has already proven he's a maverick when it came to saving Obamacare, so if he and one more Republican defect, Trump might have a tough time getting anyone confirmed. At least if they are too extreme.

It will be interesting to see what effect the Mueller report has as well, once he presents his finding to Congress and Trump's criminal antics are laid to bare...

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