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I hate to send you off, solidly, in any one direction based on the info we have. We don't know much in order to form an opinion but it seems like we know what you know. That's what I would focus on if you're intent on staying in the relationship.

If you were my best friend, this is what I would tell you:
Find out his exact charges. Penal codes, sentencing report and any disciplinary actions he's had while inside as they may affect his programming as much as sentencing as well as give you some idea of his commitment to living straight when he's back on the street.

He has all of this information and if he doesn't have it in print, he can get it.

If he chooses not to share this with you, I would take that into serious consideration because you have the right to know these things if you're planning to do the time with him.

I really do wish you the best and hope that he's being honest with you. If not, you deserve to know.
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