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Originally Posted by ToFaswife View Post
thanks and i will ask all of that however i have another question you mentioned disciplinary actions while hes in there i know hes been in trouble alot and moved to several different prisons because of im just wondering i know that affects the early release but will the date on the bop website change as an result of him getting disciplined for certain things? or how does that work as far as me knowing how his actions have affected his release or will i never know unless he tells me?
I don't know much of anything about good time for federal prisoners. I can basically say that nothing he does inside would add time to his original sentence unless the BOP pursued outside charges. That usually happens for serious violations like assault, hefty drug charges, ect. So not carrying his ID he might get written up for, but it's not going to add time. The caveat is if feds have good time, he might lose some of that which would mean added days-to-serve. But again, not longer than his original 2039.

My reason for mentioning it is because he is in an extremely controlled environment. The expectations for behaviour are clear. If he cannot make good decisions to meet those expectations to the best of his ability inside, what are his chances of steering clear of issues when he's out? Part of the "opportunity" incarceration provides is a chance to change your thinking and your habits. In your estimation, if he is violating the rules to such a degree that he has to be removed and placed elsewhere, is he doing that at a level that would equal success upon early release? Maybe his acting out days are over. I know in our case, my LO has violent write-ups, but the latest one was over seven years ago. That speaks volumes to me about his insight and choices.

It's not just about whether the courts say, Oops...we probably overshot there and we're going to knock of 20 years. It's about his ability to walk straight when he's given that chance. Because what's the use of getting out early if you're going to just go back with the added bonus of being a repeat offender? These are all things to consider and I know (believe me) it's a lot. As loved ones we can't just consider the amount of time, we have to be big picture people and yes, it's exhausting and no, you won't know unless he tells you. This is a trust and transparency issue.

Again, not telling you to bolt, but get information where you need it and have high expectations for him as a participant in the type of life you want.
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