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Originally Posted by ToFaswife View Post
thanks for the info you supplied me with however after googling it i dont think it applies to my man unfortunately because its talking about deportation and that doesnt apply to him at i dont understand all this legal stuff however i think i read it correctly and hes american i mean he was born in the virgin islands however i think thats apart of the US
It changes the definition of the crime...the original person that argued the case was not American however if / once the Supreme Court changes the definition of something it applies to everyone...the case does affect illegal immigrants however once definition changed it affects anyone charged w the specific crime because the definition has changed as to what it was. may be diff in diff states but it's my understanding that that Supreme Court has ruling higher than state judiciary system...they have also had to apply for certain paperwork to make it's not a blanket release for anyone w that crime...however I believe it affects 87,000 prisoners some illegal some not.

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