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We could have bailed our daughter out, but our attorney said its better she stay where she is...she is getting more time credited to her right now and it shows that she is willing to pay for her crime and not bail say...My daughter is ok with's hard not being with her kids but she said she would rather be getting time credited then out with no job anymore and then having to leave her kids AGAIN...for us it was the best choice to leave her in. we all have to make the choices to do waht is right for us...Me I think I would let him stay in and get some time served...and it sounds alittle like he had some run in with the law before so leavuing him might give him a better cahnce of a wake up call.
Just my thoughts...
In Gods Grace
Nehemiah 8:10
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RELEASE DATE... 2/13/16
Believing GOD will bring her home sooner
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