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Originally Posted by sheriC View Post
I celebrated 10 years off of meth, heroin and crack on April 12, 2014. Here is a little bit of my story. I dropped out of the eighth grade after I got involved with a man who was 21 years old. I had my first child a day before my 16 birthday. My husband was both physically and mentally abusive towards me -we did a lot of drugs together. My drug use combined with the abuse led me to a life that was filled with darkness. I had no self-esteem, I was completely empty. I lived on the streets: in bushes, in tents and in a field that was shared with rats, who would scratch at my tent looking for food. I was in and out of jail-and one day I was given a five year conditionally suspended sentence. I did two long-term drug programs. Upon completion of these programs, I went back to school at a community college ( starting at the very bottom classes) and then advancing to higher classes. I graduated with an AA degree. I furthered my education by getting admitted to a university, where I acquired my Bachelors of Arts in Sociology and a minor in Criminal Justice. I recently applied to law school Please, if you or a family member struggle with addiction there are places to get help-so don't every give up!
that's a nice story very inspiring. i hope lot's of people who have addiction can read this. i remember my friend who have an addiction problem also hes life was a totally miserable but after his family admit him to Drug Rehabilitation Treatment. and now he get his life back and do things that he loves to do. by the way he is a teacher right now.
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