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I used meth in high school but I didn't know it was meth. Sounds silly huh? It was "crank" then and it was powder, I never snorted it because I can't stand anything up my nose (nasal spray for allergies are OUT)... I used to put it in an empty Benadryl capsule and take it when I needed to clean my room or stay up to study.

Foolish, but I was 16, only did it a handful of times. I did lots of drugs in my teen years though. I stopped anything/everything when I ended up pregnant at 19, while in my second semester of community college. I was drunk and tripping on acid the night I got pregnant. I used to take acid at least 2x a month. As soon as I missed a period I stopped my partying. My son saved me! He's 23 now, and has never done drugs, drinks only rarely, and never pulled the teenaged crap I did. He's awesome and the best thing that ever happened to me.
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