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Yes. The world will come back with color, and just takes time. This may be a hard read but it helps you to gain and understand the damage done to your brain waves/patterns, and synapses.

I am so glad to hear you will NEVER do it again. No one can ever understand a craving unless they have been an addict. I was a heroin addict for years. It took me weeks to get clean, after hallucination, not being able to eat, or sleep (not to mention the months it took to feel somewhat normal). I felt like I was going to die, but never did. These drugs have an ever lasting effect and we have to now realize the damage that was done. However, that doesn't mean you cannot lead a successful life without this substance. In those moments of weakness, find a healthy coping mechanism. Write, exercise, go for a hike, draw, find a hobby. Use your support system. Find individuals that are not on drugs and when you really feel like you want to use call one, hang out with one, go to coffee, do something else. It will pass. I still get dreams and cravings but it's been over 10 years. They are certainly not as frequent now and not as overpowering. It just takes time. I wish you the best of luck and anyone else on here who is struggling with addiction or staying clean. The road to getting clean is incredibly hard however it is so worth it.
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