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Originally Posted by goodjamana View Post
Help me please to give it up
I hope you come back and read these posts. I agree with Vorlon above. You really do have to set your mind to it. Sometimes you need to move or be strong enough to stay away from places you won't be able to say no. I also gave it up years back. I had decided to move away for awhile cuz everyone I knew and everywhere I went. There it was. And in my case it was free for lots of reasons. I did have a hard time saying no at first especially. Then I'd give in sometimes. But finally I realized everyone who was trying to 'help' me til my husband came home had drugs but no food and shitty ass dirty places to hang out in. Are you a woman? Cuz that helped me also....I was still looking good but way to skinny. Let's face it. We like to look good. I'm not even one to care about looking gorgeous or being perfect. Take a good look around at women who use meth to long. They don't look so good after awhile. Much less 20 years. And if you can't keep it together to stay in school or work, do you wanna be one of the ones relying on men or floors to sleep on or whatever else it might take to survive? All those things in my mind helped me get it together. I don't like giving my control away. And I don't trust others enough to provide me with my health and safety.
After 5 years of constant heavy use, when I stopped cold turkey, the only side affects I had were catching up on sleep - a lot plus some, and gaining my healthy weight back. First 2 weeks I slept and ate. Of course my patterns had been completely whacked. Then I was up and running back to work and school.
So I do hope you come back and read these. It is doable. It's not painful. And you will get yourself back. In addition to new strength and knowing if you beat that you can do what's next.
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