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I was doing it for about a year or so. I had spoke to a friend one night and told her I was having a hard time staying awake for work at night. I could drink 2 Monster ultras and still be tired. So, I had a small line. It was great. I was awake and confident. Little aggro but that subsided. From then on it was just a little bit to full on smoking about all day everyday. Looking back I only spent around 100/week. *Only* Seems small when you can stay awake and work a bunch of hours. Seemed like a nice trade off.

Never got meth face or meth mouth but I did lose a ton of weight. Everyone was complimenting me not knowing I was using. My friend and I had a whole system to stay somewhat healthy while using. Fast forward my bf now husband knew something was off about me but never confronted me about it. So I kept doing it until he actually did confront me. He said me or meth. I chose him. I don't regret it because no one would have recognized I was using to call me out for it. I really only quit because I could start to see the weight loss effect my face giving me wrinkles and for him because I loved him.

Slipped up once after 8 months of sobriety now I have been clean for 2.5yrs since my one time slip up. For the first few months I had cravings and dreams about using. Every now and then I get cravings but have cut off all contact with any of the dealers I used to go to.
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