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Originally Posted by Lovebirds View Post
Then you already have a SSN and probably a credit score too, that makes life so much easier. I think that was the biggest hurdle moving to the US, not having a credit score in the US. It makes it very difficult to get auto loans and credit cards and stuff and of course you don't have your husband to help you out and co-sign, because he's in prison. What really helped me, and I didn't know it at the time, but because I had an account with Bank of America for years before moving to the US and always kept the minimum balance in the account (so not to get that monthly maintenance fee), they were actually willing to give me both a credit card and an auto loan despite the fact that I didn't have a credit score.

Hi congrat's on getting to move to the States....I'm hoping to do it too, and will be following your process for sure.....I do have a query though, what did you need to open an account at Bank of America please? In August this year I approached a few banks in PA to ask if I could open a bank account, but they all told me no, that I needed to be a resident of the USA....booooooo!

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