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Default Looking For Someone At San Quentin

Hey y'all,

So I posted this in the SQ area, but wrong spot. So here I will try again. Looking for someone who I KNOW is there. I don't know where exactly, but he was transferred there in June from county. I am just hoping someone else has someone there that might be able to help me. This person I know, I'm just worried. I want to know he's okay. I've kinda known him for almost 2 years but we lost touch in April 2018. He is not my LO, rather someone I would think of as an acquaintance. If you have someone at SQ, please send me a private message, I don't want to put his name out there for everyone to see.
You won't see him all over Instagram, or screenshots of conversations, and I don't care if you never know his name. Just know he's there & he's mine.

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