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This poll is as flawed as the (lack of*) justice system in this country. It cannot be funneled down into two choices with the plethora of people, and the myriad reasons someone chooses to use or commit a crime. Without more focus on the individuality of each offender, and their pathway to that first offence, neither path will result in a positive change in the offender's behavior.

Thankfully the once taboo subjects of mental health, and sexual assualt, are being cast in the bright light of public consciousness and conversation. It has been long overdue. Nonetheless, without addressing what pushed the offender to offend, and only rehab and or incarceration is the "corrective" options, you'll be as successful as medicine curing everything with aspirin and antibiotics. It just doesn't always work.

*my "rose colored glasses" opinion, yours may vary, and I'm cool with that too.
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