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Oh, hun. This must be so incredibly difficult.

As you know I don't have children. But we have a family friend who is raising her grandchildren and she has a 13yo grand daughter that you just described to a T-- except she has hit/physically fought her grandma. She's stolen, runaway, wrote manifestos that would scare anyone, she's cut. Grandma has taken her from pillar to post as far as counseling and she refuses to speak.

Last week she swallowed a bottle of Tylenol. It wasn't fatal but, of course, it made her quite ill. That got her a ticket to the ER and a 72 hour hold in the pediatric psych. From there they transported her to Portland for inpatient. From what I'm hearing (as I type, mom is talking to grandma), this is the first time grand daughter is cooperating. I don't know if she's tired or scared, but something cracked her facade enough to accept help.

That doesn't help you in any functional way, but I do want you to know you're not alone. There are other folks out here with children in their lives who are going through similiar things and there is help. How to get to that point...I don't know. Obviously the way this family did wasn't ideal.

I'm sending you big hugs. We're always here to listen.
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