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Keep it simple. Your the mom and she's the daughter. You're an adult and she's a minor. Most often whether it's to do with abuse, mental health issues, addiction......whatever, the way things get better is by following a routine and a regiment that promotes wellness. She's a kid on the way to becoming an adult. Between now and then, you're the primary example and teacher she has to follow and learn from where adulthood is concerned. It's your job to see to it that she has an example to follow where being responsible, mature and accountable is concerned. LEAVE IT AT THAT. YOU HAVE A JOB TO DO. Stop beating yourself up with what he did, what she won't do or how sad the future looks. You put her on this earth to live a life that is responsible and prosperous. Do your part and let the past go. Set an example for her to follow and stop putting up with her back talk. All relationships to do with parent/child are built upon respect, guidance and answering to the call of a mother or father. She's too old to spank, but she's not too old to correct or discipline. If she is beyond reproach then, let her spend some time locked up and then, try it again. You are on a mission with this child. It's your job to raise her and you can't do that when you let the past be reminder of what you're not now. Let the past go. Let him go. Walk away from his death and what happened. Live in the here and now and let your light shine.
Yes, it's easy for me to say that being that I'm not you, but I know to some degree why she feels and acts the way she does. Not entirely because I'm not a woman and I'm not 13 anymore. Still, the facts are the facts and the facts are she's at a tough age heading in the wrong direction. Do your part and let the God of your understanding take of the rest.
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