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Originally Posted by Cutepixie View Post
UPDATE! My daughter had court on Wednesday and did not come home which means she did not go to court. They put a bench warrant out for her arrest. She got picked up the next morning at school after I dropped her off. I went today for her hearing and they are keeping her until Monday. They are asking for probation, an ankle monitor and psych evaluations as well as therapy. She will have to abide by their rules with also going to school. This is a blessing in disguise. I have been begging for their assistance. My daughter looked so hurt today. I am hopeful that she will understand that this is a direct consequence of her actions. I am hopeful that she will not put it on me and hate me for it. I have told her probation officer that I would truly like to do family counseling. I am hopeful and for the first time it feels nice.

Thank you everyone for listening and giving your loving thoughts, prayers, and kind words. Much love!
Thank god. Shes safe and I hope the best for her and you!
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