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Default Stuffing or Dressing? Turkey Day dilemma

Well not for me exactly, since I dont think I'll do either.

Hub bought a small turkey for T day. Its in the brine as we speak.
I had a heck of a time finding something to put it in to brine, since Ive been using my very large pot as an outside water pot for the
So...I found a bucket we gave our son last yr filled with car wash stuff, and washed it out and filled it with salt water.
Gonna get it out later this morning.
I'll be doing the green bean casserole and some yams, plus the turkey.
Since there is only 3 of us, that should be plenty!
oops.....just realized I need cranberry sauce. Must have with turkey. (for me anyway)
I have stuffed turkey's before, and Ive also done dressing. Used to love stuffing but found that if you add enough broth to dressing, its just as good.

Whats anyone doing if anything this year?
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