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Originally Posted by Formyonlylove72 View Post
Thank you this is close to my feelings as well. My husband and I have four children ages 6 and under. It's emotionally draining to write it all out but every single day is a struggle. I am doing hard time with him as a outmate. He misses our kids so so much it really is eating him up, hurting his heart. My issue is since I am raising 4 alone, I am always exhausted and emotionally suffering. The kids give me a reason to smile about something but most days I am less patient with them than I used to be ( when my husband was home )because I have no help and my heart hurts all the time. My husband is a good daddy always played with them and was patient and kind. I am doing good just to make dinner every day, and even that is an effort. The hard part is I can't even express these feeling to my husband as I should be able to, but I worry about making him more upset at himself so I don't.
You took all the words right out of my head. Exactly how i feel, he already misses them so much i try not to complain or get angry so i dont talk about it. I only have 3 but the last 2 are only 14 months apart i literally have 2 babies. Our daughter is 20 months and our son is 6 months. Its frustrating and does not necessarily make it easier bc we have kids together they are constant reminders of my husband.
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