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Originally Posted by 15441032 View Post
It was difficult but I recognized that I was my only obstacle. My situation may be different from your son since I was in federal prison.

To be honest, I found out that most employers do not check your background for federal offenses. So truthfully, I lied on my applications. I had a lot of management experience and once I was hired I waited until I had proven myself a valuable asset to the company before I finally told my boss the truth. I understood that I could lose my job, but as long as I had that secret, I had anxiety about losing my job if they ever found out. I saved enough money to survive for 6 months in the event that they terminated me. When I told my employer, he was shocked, and said that he understood why I didn't tell him, but expressed that he was glad I didn't, otherwise he wouldn't have given me a chance. Long story short my company has now revised their recruitment strategy and no longer disqualify applicants due to a felony record. Some of the managers that work for me now are ex-felons and they bust their ass for me.

Was I wrong for lying on my application? Definitely. Do I regret it? In today's society, absolutely not.
You did the right thing and I'm very happy that you are doing your part to change society overall! You can be proud of yourself! Good luck for the future!
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