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i feel so horrible for you. i am actually a recovering addict and have dealt with that drug for majority of my life and my marriage. unfortunately it is the devils drug. it is one of the hardest drugs to break free of. i actually had to move away all together. my husband was clean for about three years and went back to it. i wish you the best of luck.
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My brother's biggest obstacle will be, staying off drugs. Meth is his demon, and I hope that this time around things will be different. His mentality however has not changed. You know how guys say they are going to do things differently when they get out... well he doesnt even do that. He just says that he is who he is and thats that.

He gets released this month. For anyone who has or is living with a loved one on this drug, you know how difficult, dangerous, and stessfull it is.. Wish us well.

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