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Originally Posted by mikeyb View Post
My brother gets out at the end of 2013 (hopefully) after 8 yrs. He was a kid when he went in barely 18. Hes got white power tats all over his face: chin, eye brows, hands, head. My goal is to remove them for him, Im trying to raise $ for a laser tatoo removal machine (they are pricey) while Im getting my RN/BSN, that way when he gets out I can remove them and provide a free service for other excons who may also have tats that will hamper them in progressing. My fear is not employment, my husband can help him, teach him a trade adn get him work, my fear is he has been in at such a young age and for such a long time. He will be almost socially retarded. His growth and experience haulted at 18 though he'll be 26 when he gets out. How will he make good choices(relationships, friends, drugs/alcohol)? he wasnt able to grow as a person.
This really touched my heart. I read your post after I wrote mine but your reasons/obstacles of difficulty that you foresee for your brother are the very same that I see for my own. As I said in my post he will have missed his young-adult-allowed to mistakes phase in life. Not only will he be expected to get his life together when he gets out..any minor indiscretion will seem a billion times more wrong than if he had never went to prison.

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