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I voted "employment", "emotional", and "everyday routines" but I'll add a few..

Numero uno his addiction and mental health issues. Next, a very real and severe case of Post-incarceration syndrome/PTSD/"institutionalization"...

He will have a place to live and while he won't have his own transportation (which is good!! he doesn't need it!! but try convincing HIM of that!!) he will have someone to take him where ever he needs to go (me, my mom, or both)..

Age is a problem too. He will be 59 if he serves his entire sentence.. and most of his life off and on he's been in prison. He had some training in prison (in Florida) in Auto-cad but that's now useless. He is very smart and talented but he is also physically unable to just go out and do day labor or other physically intense work. He really should qualify for disability with his mix of physical and mental health issues but that seems like such a crap shoot.. he could get it right away or it could take years or it could never happen! So, I've been talking with him about possibilities for returning to school to focus on a degree that's practical in terms of physical ability and chances of actually being hired with his record.

I am doing what I can to try and find resources for him to help with his mental health issues RIGHT away so he has no period of "free falling" which has hurt him in the past when he was released...

Honestly I don't expect or believe he won't drink and I can be okay with that.. if he just wouldn't drive. I made a bad joke the other day about it talking to my 23 year old son and we both had a half serious conversation about how we kind of wished my brother would just have some sort of accident that physically prevented him from DRIVING ever again.. and my son said "Well maybe we can shoot him in the kneecaps? Tell him it's for his own good, and have an ambulance on standby? "

Yeah, sick humor but that's where your mind goes. Because, he would still need mental health help and he'd still be an alcoholic and he'd still be a pain in the ass but he couldn't get behind the wheel which is what has lead him to prison EVERY SINGLE TIME.
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