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Originally Posted by julzb View Post
My husband was in there a few years and it is very cold in visitation and they have this big dirty hairy fat officer that looks like a biker shrek. He makes his own rules, talks rude to everyone including grandmas, kids and wives. In front of everyone he has hopped across a desk and landed full force on a guy prying his mouth open yelling and screaming to spit it out (probably wasnt a drug at all) he is the worst one but they are all screwed up. Super picky on clothing. Said my whole cleavage was showing... it was my neck. My neck was showing. Cleavage is where your breast crease is people and I am old an fat so not some sex symbol. I always wore jeans and a full long sleeve shirt or sweater as they turn the air down to 50s. The officers have control of it in visitation and in the summer they might turn it up where you are too hot. They send a loud and clear message they dont want visitors. You sit far apart with a table inbetween. Sucky part? Medium II put 2 tables inbetween you and you have to scream to hear each other and they purposely put couples out like white, black, hispanic, white, black, hispanic trying to cause trouble between men. Now out in the real world isnt any of our men likely racist in any way but in prison you have to stick with your own. Period. It is a rule and it is enforced. Victorville had murders just a few years ago and it was committed by a known serial killer and he has been rolled out. Not his first offense on the inside. Hopefully it is better there now but I doubt it. Really that place needs some shaking up in their staffing as they are abusive and not following federal regulations by making their own rules and being abusive.
PorkChop!... That's what everyone calls him..

They have another jet black CO, that is very disrespectful toward everyone...

And there's now 2 tables between you and the inmate. Every since they removed the vending machines out of the visiting room area. Yup! There's no longer any food to eat. So if your in the top 5 in the morning. You have a 90% Chance of getting in before count and you will starve until 2:30 or 3pm... If you have small children it's even worse because there's no food and the kids room has a stack of chairs in the door way. Clearly saying the kids room is closed.. ITS BAD DOWN THERE AND THE VISITING PROCESS JUST TOPS IT OFF!. My biggest recommendation is to bring lots of clothes and don't even go back and forth with them. Beat them at their own game.. I just go change and think what I want to say out loud!.

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