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a friend of mine's husband is in nfrc, it is like sfrc, that is where they go to get classified and physical check-up and are there usually 2-3 weeks and then get assigned to a prison, my friends hubby is not able to make calls from there but can write, the letters will follow them just they could take awhile to get to them, and whether they are at nfrc or sfrc, does not mean they will stay in north or south fl, it depends on how they are classified and from what i have seen, they usually are not placed in prison near home, my friend in north fla prison is from bradenton, i would still write, letters will get to him, but when he gets transferred they could take alittle while to reach him, but they will follow, fl is not known for speedy mail service or actually anything moving to quick, but things seem to make their way where they need to go.
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