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Originally Posted by ambermarshall11 View Post
Hey I'm wondering if anyone could help me for victims of a crime are they notified before the inmate is released if it's due to the Coronvirus I no normally they will be informed if the inmate is getting released didn't no if it changed for this or not parole isn't open in NYS only emergency situations
First: parole is not “closed. “
They may not speak to you when you call because there is nothing to tell you.

Second: if you are his victim and you connected thru vine link, you should be notified.

Third: it’s not nice to use vine link (a victim resource) as a way to find out information on him if he’s not telling you. He knows what’s happening. And since you have stated here that your OOP was lifted, and you visit him, you shouldn’t use resources that are meant for those who do fear the release.

Please think before you use this vital agency as a tool.

If he says he’s coming home, he would be the one to know.
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