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The 5/22/ 15 is the earliest he can get out unless he does the RDAP program which could get him up to a year off but he has to qualify based on previous drug or alcohol abuse and does not have gun or violence charges. As far as teaching and helping inmates is pretty much blowing smoke. There is no additional time off for those activities

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ok may be someone can help me..i try to understand this stuff but i dont get alot about the federal freind is got 5 years surrended 1/14/2011..but when i got on the federal locator its says that his expected release date is 5/22/15 now does that mean thats the earliest or can he be released or can it be he was told if he helps other inmates and teachers classes then it will go to in his fave as far as tie off...any one know anything about that?? it the truth or are they just blowing smoke to get really cheap help??