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Originally Posted by SunShineDani View Post
Hi everyone,

My man gets out in 60 days, i moved out the county where he got arrested. i moved out of LA county to Riverside county. do anyone knows the process/ how long it will take to transfer county?

With your man only having sixty days left. More then likely a transfer isn't going to happen now. He will need to follow his reporting instructions as he receives them. Upon reporting he will need to explain to his parole officer that he needs to put in for a transfer to Riverside County Then take it from there.
I hope Riverside county has softened up over the last couple of years. My last dealing and every dealing before that got nothing done from Riverside as far as accepting transfers or granting them. Riverside County tries and run the parole office and the unit like they don't answer to anyone but their selves.
I hope things have changed I personally do not like to do anything in the County of Riverside if it pertains to the courts or state parole . Best of luck with this journey .
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