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Originally Posted by lsusan99 View Post
Question for former Miramar inmate(s): Did the staff help you prepare for life after prison? What are you doing now? What's the job situation like? My 22 year old son has been in Miramar for a month, serving a 3 year sentence. I appreciate anything you can tell me, thanks!
My son was at Charleston for a year. They have classes that they can take - I believe Miramar is similar to Charleston. They also can work (probably have to) and they can take college classes. We had to but the books and send them directly through amazon but he was able to use his gi bill for the classes. Have him take as many as he can and clep what he can too. It all amounts to "good time" which significantly shortens his time. My son was supposed to serve 2 years but ended up at about 18 months (he was in the brig at his base prior to his trial).

I know how hard this is as a parent. I hope you're holding up ok. I'm not on too often now but feel free to pm me. Good luck to you and to your son.
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