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Default What is allowed while in Reception at Shelton?

So my man has been at Shelton for 8 days, and has been able to make exactly one phone call each to myself and his mom. I'm losing my mind!! Here are my zillion questions:

--He's in R1 and says they are in their cells like 22 hours a day, then long lines for the phone. Will he get more access later in the process (moved up to another R unit or something?), or is it going to be like this for 4-6 weeks or longer?? Or only if he gets a work assignment?

--I know they can't receive packages through Union Supply while in Reception; are books and magazines also not allowed? What will happen to the book package I had sent to him if they don't?

--No other services are available through my JPay account except sending money, and the customer service person said that he has to authorize people from his end for email for video. I'm guessing they don't have access to the JPay kiosks during Reception then? Will this change later in the process, or are we stuck with only phone calls and letters?

--If it takes at least a month to have visitation approved, is it possible that he will get his transfer assignment before I even get to see him?? If that happens, will my visitation approval work at a new facility, or will I have to go through the application process all over somewhere else?

Thanks, everyone. This not knowing/lack of contact in the beginning is AWFUL.
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