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Originally Posted by montananshelby View Post

--He's in R1 and says they are in their cells like 22 hours a day, then long lines for the phone. Will he get more access later in the process (moved up to another R unit or something?), or is it going to be like this for 4-6 weeks or longer?? Or only if he gets a work assignment?
As long as he's in reception, things will continue on as they are now. He will continue to be confined for 22 hrs/day until he moves to his "home institution". I know it's difficult, but it is the way it is. If it helps any, the reason they confine them like that is because there are a zillion and one bits of bureaucracy that they need to do, and being able to always find him at any time to ask questions, finish paperwork, etc, speeds up the process for everyone. Imagine how slow it would be if every time they needed info from him, they had to track him down to find him. Then multiply that by the number of people in reception entering the system. Nah, it probably doesn't really help much, but that's the reasoning and it's the system you're stuck with for now. It will end. This is not forever.

--I know they can't receive packages through Union Supply while in Reception; are books and magazines also not allowed? What will happen to the book package I had sent to him if they don't?
I believe books and magazines are allowed, but... whatever he has with him when he moves to his home institution, he will have to carry. So if you send a bunch of stuff, he'll be lugging black plastic bags of stuff around with him all over the place. And some of those prisons have LONG walks from point A to point B.

--No other services are available through my JPay account except sending money, and the customer service person said that he has to authorize people from his end for email for video. I'm guessing they don't have access to the JPay kiosks during Reception then? Will this change later in the process, or are we stuck with only phone calls and letters?
They may have access to the kiosks, but they don't have access to whichever electronic device plugs into the kiosk. And he has very limited time - standing in line is not an option. Yes, you're pretty much stuck with phone calls and letters for now. But you can send letters daily as if they were emails (which I did). And they will be like gold to him. This situation will change once he: 1. gets to his home institution; 2. goes through receiving where they'll set up his email and video visits (you must be an approved visitor to be able to do video visits - you should be able to find the visiting application online and fill it out yourself, this will speed the process up); and 3. Has had enough time for one round of commissary (roughly 2 weeks) so he can buy the electronics to use. Again, letters are gold.

--If it takes at least a month to have visitation approved, is it possible that he will get his transfer assignment before I even get to see him?? If that happens, will my visitation approval work at a new facility, or will I have to go through the application process all over somewhere else?
You will most likely not see him - I believe, tho' am not certain, that they don't allow visitation to inmates while they're going through reception. Your visitation approval will work at any prison in the state - once you're approved, it's good at all the prisons he may end up at.

Thanks, everyone. This not knowing/lack of contact in the beginning is AWFUL.
Yes, the not knowing part is awful. Because of the way things played out with my Dad, I had to wait 6 months before I could visit him (couldn't visit him in jail, had to wait until he was in his home prison). It was horrible. Just remember that this is not what it will be like forever. And remember that letters are one of the best things a guy can receive in prison - not as good as a pardon, but not far from it either.

Welcome to PTO. I'm sorry you need us, but am glad you found us.
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