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I would recommend you to put the address on every single letter (JPay)! I wrote a guy in TX in January, he replied and then I went and answered in Febuary and didn't put the address on JPAY, he wasn't able to answer before April because staff had his stuff and he needed to wait for a long time to get it back to look up on my address from my previous letter. He pleased me to put the address on every letter so long as he can memorize my address. Through covid I received his letter this week (Europe)... ! Well normally they have there stuff and old letters, but it can happen for some reason that is not able to pick it up fast, like in my case. If you are worried you can go and send another letter letting him know that you forgot to put the return address on it.. :-) ! Not sure if letters are now working faster to our side of the pond, but I still use JMAIL.CC and gave him this address too from my virtual postal box, because I use that service anyway to communicate with a close friend in another state.
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