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Originally Posted by hannahlouise007 View Post

So I wrote to someone in Texas for the first time the other week via JPay, I included my address and he wrote back the other day. I have now replied again via JPay but this time didnít include my address as I assumed he would have kept my first letter with my address in. Now Iím worrying that perhaps he isnít allowed to keep the letters and I was supposed to include my address in every single JPay?
I know when you physically write a letter you put it on the envelope but wasnít sure about JPay. Surely inmates can keep their letters in case they want to read them again/keep info

Can anyone advise??
Yes, theyíre allowed to keep their letters in TDCJ. It may be that the sending/receiving mail is slow just now or it may be that he just hasnít taken the time to sit down and write.
Some of us are good about replying to a letter with promptness and some of us are a bit moody (me included) due to our circumstances in there. Like you said, he has your address and knows how to contact you so, just be patient.
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