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I was a "cook II" at MCC from August 2012 untill may 2018. I was the only cook to refuse to serve food (twice, different times) that was not up to the proper temperature. Pizza slices that were cool to the touch, and chicken patties that were only 89 degrees inside. I was threatened with being "sent to the warden" the 1st time (chicken). I replied " I would greatly appreciate that, please do so" . Never heard another word about it.

The majority of the food there is from a state facility that makes massive batches and puts it in 3 foot long "boil in the bag" tubes. I ate most of it daily, only a few I wouldn't eat because they gave me diarrhea. This was due to me / my digestive system and not the food.

The food service Manager had changed less than a year before I left, Mrs. Robinson is getting things better but her hands seemed to be tied on a few things. The place was getting some MUCH needed repairs and was slowly getting a lot cleaner.

Why am I posting this?

PLEASE bring the allowed $25.00 in quarters!! Your male in prison may tell you "save your money" or something, but buy them FOOD. I recommend real food like sandwiches or burritos and not chips. The majority of the food we served is either turkey or soy ( usually both). Some protein from a different source will do them good.

Want an idea of what the CO's are like? Search Google for a Lt. Addy murder. A "white shirt" that supposedly killed his girlfriend just weeks before they were to be married. Supposedly she was going to tell his wife of many years about marrying her husband....

He was... Very strict.... And had been promoted to a "white shirt" about a year before the alleged murder. I am sure a lot of people are glad he no longer works there....

To anyone who only knows an offender from phone calls and emails, in my opinion 9 out of 10 are just scamming you for "money on the books". They talked about it all the time when working in the kitchen and / or the serving line. You have been warned!!

Ask any of the offenders about the cook with a skin graft on his neck. "Cook Jordan". That is me. I treated ALL decently, and rarely wrote a CDV. I wrote about 15 in 5 and a half years there. Many write 15+ PER YEAR...

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