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Believers donít owe anything to this flesh. It will never please God. Thatís why itís going on down to the dust and God is going to give the believer a new body. The believers production didnít gain them their new identity in the last Adam in the first place. It certainly canít gain them heaven. Jesus accomplished that for the believer. If the works of the believer didnít contribute to getting them saved, how can the works of the flesh play a part in keeping them saved. Since the believer does not derive their new identity from the output of their flesh, they donít owe the flesh a thing. If a believer is trying to satisfy Godís justice on a daily basis or however by conforming to a standard of rules and regulations, they are going to find that just the opposite becomes true in their flesh. They are going to find themselves constantly focusing on the flesh. 

Listen to the attitude of law orientation; an attitude that comes from a person who is walking after the flesh: ďIím not going to do that because that is bad,Ē or ďIím, not going to do that because I cannot do that and remain a Christian,Ē or ďIím going to follow the rules because God will accept me if I follow the rules faithfully.Ē Thatís walking after the flesh according to the Word of God. Now contrast a walking after the flesh attitude with the attitude of one who is walking after the new identity: ďIím not going to do that because thatís not who I am in the last Adam. And thatís not good for me and itís not good for the other person. Why spend my time wallowing in the mire that caused my Savior to have to die in the first place? Paul was functionally not capable of producing any fruit that God could accept. He died functionally when he tried to apply law-keeping to perfect his flesh. It wouldnít work. 

Living after the flesh, from a functional point of view is taking the credit yourself. Walking after the new identity is recognizing the source of the fruit. God through his power from on high is the source of the only good that comes from you that God can accept. To walk in the new identity is to take the credit away from yourself. The believer realizes that God is not looking at how well they adhere to any standard. He isnít looking at their production. He isnít looking at their behavior in order to view them as being in favor with him. Heís looking at their identification with his son and at what his power is producing in them. Does the believers no-condemnation status with God depend on any degree whatsoever upon their performance? Absolutely not. There is absolutely no condemnation whatsoever to those who recognize that itís not their own righteous conduct but what Jesus accomplished that sets them apart as Holy and acceptable unto God.
2 Timothy 2:15, approved where? At the Judgement Seat of the Savior. A workman worthy of Godís praise rightly dividing the word of truth.
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