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Originally Posted by Mrs.Tippen2014 View Post
Hi I am currently looking for anyone who is in the Huntsville who would be willing to meet up and be friends. My man has suggested I make friends who can relate because my friends and family and coworkers can not. I am having a hard time and the wedding we have set for next year is coming up closer and closer. So If anyone can help let me know. Thanks.
I use to go to School in huntsville, I go back next year. I am the same way. i am20 and the only other people who know my bf is locked up is his family and my mom. I dont want to tell my friends because most of them are more concerened with partying and clubbing or school so they wouldnt understand and other family would tell me to move on. Its hard cause I know hes the one I want to marry. I decided to get married as soon as we can. I been planning like crzy so far I am the only one besides my bf that knows about the wedding.
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