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sladyy, I do my hubby goes up in 9 more days. Also, I did some research regarding Safety Valve vs Parole Eligibity date, per the Nashville Criminal Library site, when a prison is overcrowding to there is an emergency threat to the inmates, they will have a hearing to see if they are able to get early release. What prison is your husband at? More than likely they will be releasing a lot of prisoners. I know in Tn they closed down couple of the that were unlivable, due to asbestos etc and they had to send prisoners to other prisons. don't give up hope, he may becoming home early. Hopefully the BOP will grant him early release, the only way the wont is if his felony is one that will seem harmful to the community (i.e. sex offender, capital murder)
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Does anyone have a love one going up for parole soon?
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