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Originally Posted by Iwillgetby View Post
My gf is in jail for 9 months and I have 2 kids 10 and 12. I've told them for the last two months that she is staying with her mom that's sick. But with the holidays coming I just don't know what to say to them and I can't tell them the truth.
I find it sad that you cannot tell the children the truth as they are old enough to know. IMO you are teaching them that being dishonest is okay and what happens when they find out what was really going on when she vanished from their life?

Tell them she made some mistakes and is owning up to them. Explain that the holidays are going to be a little less enjoyable but there are many more to come.

It's only 9 months, be honest, buck up and get through this, as there are many more here doing a LOT longer than you.

Again, lying to children of this age (if they were younger, they wouldn't necessarily remember) is disastrous to their future and doesn't teach them anything.
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