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well... I have been a memeber of PTO for a while. My name is Lisa, some of you know me... I was in a relationship with "Dee" for over 4yrs. I supported him in every way possible and imaginable during the last few yrs of his time. He came home and we were happy as could be for a while, but I think that stress overwhelmed him and prison really broke him. He started going out-- SEVEN DAYS A WEEK (!), found some little friends that kept him company-- it seemed to me that after 11 yrs of prison he was not only loving the attention from the outside world, but he also seemed to 'need' it in some sick way. Things became out of control for us. He gave me a concussion, broke my ribs, gave me bruises too numerous to mention, kicked me, bit me... basically abused me in almost every physical fashion. I kicked him out and he was gone for 2 months- then, God only knows why-- I took him back.. for a month. It was all the same cycle over again. Then out of a desperate attempt to save a relationship with a man that I truly love and I had put so much time into, I took him back once more. It was abusive at times but he was seemingly treating me better. However, one evening it all built up. I just looked at him and said "it's time for you to go". I work midnights and I told him to be gone by the time I got home in the morning. I had just had enough. Well, he was gone, sure enough... he moved right across the street with a hoe (sorry....) that I thought he may have been messing around with all along. That's where he is now. Right across the street. I mean, if I look out my door, I see into theirs. It's sickening. He was gone a whole 24 hrs and was already calling me. I have seen him several times since- met him- talked on the phone. I know he's not happy where he is cause I am strongly sure that he has been messing around on her already, too. If he wouldn't change for me, I doubt he will for her. Anyhow I love that man, I really do. I did all that prison time with him and was FAITHFUL!! I spent so, so much money in phone bills- just like ya'all did, I never missed a court date- in fact if it weren't for me, to be quite honest, he wouldn't have his freedom. But I was not meant to live that kind of life. It took me a minute, but I moved on. I am not saying that I don't think about him and deep down wish that he could do right and be the man that I saw him to be, but it simply isn't going to happen. Only he can make that change, in his own time. For now, I will love him from a distance, knowing that no matter how much it hurts (even at this very minute), I did the right thing. I did what was best for Lisa, not Dee... LISA. There were days that I didn't even recognize myself and had no idea how things got so far out of hand. But now even though I am slow movin' I am looking to love again. This time it'll be right. Ladies, my heart goes out to you all. You will be in my prayers.
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