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Thanks Heather;

Well I have been a member for a little while. Well it all started when I was 16 years old, me and Ricky were young and I always loved him and in every term he did I was there fo him. In the summer of 2000 I was pregnant with our first baby girl, he has a son with a girl not worth mentioning, but he was a good father to his son, and when I told him I was pregnant he was happy to hear it but then his baby's mom was always trying to get in the middle and while I was 6 months pregnant she got into his head telling him that if he didn't leave me alone that she would move away with their son, so I stepped out of the relationship, for the sake of his son. I really loved him, and at that point I was considered high risk, well before Ricky got locked up he turned on me and told me that he didn't want to be around our daughter when she was born, he said he wasn't going to loose his son because I got preganant, that devestated me and put me into an emotional wreck and little by little my daughter's life was getting weaker and weaker. I was rushed to the hospital where I was told they couldn't find my baby's heart beat, I thought I was going to die, that day I was scheduled for a procedure to take out my baby and clean my uteris. I got a collect call from Ricky that day I returned from the hospital, I told him in tears that our baby didn't make it he told me that he never wanted that to happen, he regret what he said, his mom was crying and his grandma. I saw his mom the day after I lost my daughter. I didn't want anything to do with him anymore, but my heart was with Ricky so I started writing back to his letters. I told him that I only wanted to be friebnds and that I would help him do his time. I started to see one of my ex boyfriends and we were having problems so I went to Minnesota, and after 2 months out there I found out I was pregnant once again from my boyfriend at that time, the day I told Ricky he flipped out and told me he wanted to work on us but now that I was pregnant he couldn't do it. I told him that was fine but I wasn't going to have an abortion, This baby was my little miracle baby, high risk and all I made it through by myself my son's father is involved with my son part time, and by the time I came back to Cali, Ricky was out and working on things with his baby's mom, so I tried to work things out with my son's father but didn't work out, Rick was back in jail and headed to prison, so I wrote to him as a friend, and my feelings started to come back, I wet for a visit and we said we would work things out. Through out the time he did about 1 year and 3-5 months, and I thought we were being in love and honest with each other but I was wrong while he did his time his baby's mom signed rights over to her mom for their son, slept with a few of his closest friends and became a speed junkie, leaving her son for weeks at a time, and I was there when he found out, and he had a hard time with it because of his son, but I thought I got him through it, I was a good girlfriend, he paroled to my house and the first 2 days were great after that he wouldn't come home, and one day I had to go to work the next day and it was 2 AM and he still wasn't back with my car, so I went to look for it and I found it at a Motel 6. He was there with his Baby's mom, and their son, I went home in my car with the spare keys, I got home got all his stuff tore up all his clothes poured bleach on everything that could be bleached, broke all his stuff and picked up one of my guy friend just incase he gets out of hand, I got to the motel 6 at check out time and she was there and he came downstairs and i called her out but she wouldn't come down, well after all the drama, I went home, and I didn't let myself cry for someone that wasn't worth anything He would call me and say sorry but I will not make the mistake to bring him in my life at any point in my life.

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