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Originally Posted by God's Grace View Post
I know right. One of them I recognize as a regular.

NEVER do you "consent' to a search...not at the prison or anywhere else! I don't trust them not to plant something! If they want to search, they need a warrant or probable cause.
You know what momma alot family members dont know that they have a choice not consent. They have to have proable cause to search you. Not a hunch. If they have no proable cause and you refuse then at best no visiting for that day. The fact the she volunteered one would think that she had nothing to hide or she wasnt afraid. She had 7 grams that's less then 28.5 grams which is at best a misdeamenor ($100). But dont let me break it down I'm just saying families who have love ones in the cali state prison really need to review the title 15 and know their rights.
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