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Originally Posted by Dcj_x View Post
Just a quick update, sorry I'm late but I been busy with work but I spoke to him let him know how I felt and that it was over and I was done with the whole situation. He of course said he felt hurt and blah blah tried to guilt me back in because he stated I was abandoning him in jail but I told him. We have a child together there is no way I can abandon you completely. I can be here as a friend for you but nothing more. But as soon as that call finished I felt such a relief that I never imagined. I feel such peace now with my decision and its time to re focus on myself and daughter. It was an emotional 8 years but I won't take it down as a loss but moreso as lessons learned.

I want to thank all you guys for all your encouraging words and advice. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
I am happy for you. This site is so good for support and giving you the strength you need to make a tough decision. Be on guard with the Co parenting cause he will use the fact that yall have a kid together to keep tabs on you and emotionally make you feel bad about not helping him cause yall are a "family. " Never forget your family is your child and that's who you are obligated to financially and with your time. Many people feel they need to be cordial or friends with their child's other parent. But if my child's father was a user and fineser who is locked up I will tell him to keep it cute when he writes or calls. Meaning, only reach out for our child. No how are you? or what's new? I'm starting to realize how men manipulate us by maintaining attachments through being "cordial" or "friends." As women, and in your case as a mom, we tend to feel emotional and vulnerable at times.That's usually when they hone in for their own interests. Best of luck!
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