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Either extortion or really big debt! maybe drugs?
I've seen some other posts like your question, and ive seen them get two different types of answers. 1 is DONT send the money, it will continue. 2. send the money or it could end badly. i'm sorry I have never dealt with that, but that is the advice I have seen when asked a question similar like that. I hope everything is okay and turns out for the best.
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Has anyone had their family member ask for large sums of money? like $300 extra (in addition to a monthly amount we already send for toiletries). Last month our son asked for $500 and said he owed it to someone that he had gotten stuff from when he was out of commissary. Federal system. We are thinking he is getting bullied or pressured in some way. He will call family members for whom he doesn't have a phone plan(which costs a lot more)and sound as if he really needs money. What could be going on?
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