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I have a decrepit tattered OLD paperback Better Homes and Garden cook book (so old and is now in two pieces.....the binding fell apart)
Most of the recipes in it are old school. But I like several of the recipes in it.

As for online, I like both food network and All recipes well enough. Tasty is also got some interesting stuff on it.
Only thing about having it online (at least for me) is I have to keep going back and forth looking how to cook it. haha, Im sure there is a better alternative to doing it that way but often I just might want to try see if I actually want to keep it.

there are also cool things to check out with something I call
Whats in my Cupboard. (or to that effect)
It takes what you have on hand and makes suggestions as to what you can make, and what you will need to make it.
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