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Originally Posted by LuckyC1 View Post
Hey, Dolls!

Well I just became a user to this site. I have looked on here daily for a couple months now. I have had many questions regaurding my boyfriend, but really never knew where to turn to for answers. I would always look on the internet for answers. And one day I came upon this site. It was so nice to see others had same questions as me. However, I have also noticed that not many people post in Colorado as others in different states. I know all of us are in the same boat with our loved ones in prison, but where are all my Colorado Women/Men. Why arent we blowing up this site? I am so glad I finally became a member. Its a really good place to go to blow off steam, or just to talk to some one who can relate with out criticizing. And in different Fourms not all prisons are the same as Colorado's. So, for me being new to all this, I would like to get to become familiar with how D.O.C works and just to meet new people, who are going thru the same things...I know there has to be tons of Men and Women who just waiting for our loved ones to come home. And are facing problems with everyday, and we feel like we are all alone and no one can understand. So how about it Colorado..I'm so willing to meet new people, I'm tired of going thru this alone. Where are all my Colorado people at????
Hello! I'm new on here and was wondering the same thing! Where are the Colorado peeps???? This is new to me...
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