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Originally Posted by somom View Post
Congrats, Phoenix! It's so good to be able to see them! I haven't been able to be close to my son since mid June. Can't wait for my visitation to be approved!
Thank You It was awesome I did a Special Visit because I live out of state so this was my first time make sure you take a $5.00 to get a vending machine card and then you can add up to $85 on the card for the vending machines once you get in there go and check in with the guard to get a table then go buy the food and drinks you want for the both of you for the visit. ONLY take in your money for the card and your car keys and driver license thats it not allowed to have a cell phone in the facility. Have fun when you go Oh and have him fill out a form to get a pic taken with you on your visit too.
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