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Originally Posted by CenTexLyn View Post
Further, I am scratching my memory trying to remember how many fights I either saw or heard of in high school that even required physical intervention of staff to break up...I stopped at the second finger.
Clearly we went to different schools. We had exterior locker bays and I can remember not being able to get in to get my books because they had it blocked off for blood clean up.

My high school has city police on campus now. I don't know that staff even become involved when it reaches that level.

I get that they'll likely be charged as a juvenile. But as I sit here typing up my husband's insight statement for the parole board, his comments about what it meant to be a juvenile offender paired with this article make me cringe. Labeling and locking him up instead of addressing his needs failed him. I can't support something that promises to do more of that to someone else.

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